A lesson about women #001 Push Her!


Tony (John Travolta) and Stephanie (Karen Lynn Gorney) walked home together after their dance practice. And at the crossroads where their paths parted, they had this conversation.

Tony: Hey, Stephanie, how come we never talk about how we feel when we’re dancing? How come we never talk about that?

Stephanie: Good night and thanks.

Tony: No, maybe I could walk you the rest of the way. Let me do that.

Stephanie: Nope. 

In her halfway crossing the streets, see turn around and said.

Stephanie: You shouldn’t have asked. You should have just done it.

————— Saturday Night Fever (1977), directed by John Badham ————————

Sometimes we, man, need to act boldly. Doing something without her permission. Of course we still need to consider morality and ethic. Some women like when we push her, showing how much we want her. The question is, is she that kind of women? How are we able to find out what kind of a women she is? Get to know her!


5 comments on “A lesson about women #001 Push Her!

  1. Mujo says:

    kasih contoh donk mar, misal cewek A tipe apa 😀

  2. ssabrina says:

    ngeri lah maru don juan

  3. bw says:

    ngerilah emang maru… :notworthy:

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