About Moving On


This is what they say about moving on

~ Ted      : Sometimes… things have to fall apart to make way for better things.  We’re done here.

~ Robin    : I can’t believe Ted is getting back together with Zoey.

~ Barney  : I know. They’re a total train wreck.

~ Robin    : Unmitigated disaster.

~ Barney  : Yeah, almost as bad as us.

~ Robin    : We were a mess.

~ Barney  : Thank God we’re not sentimental saps who panic and get back together. Seriously, why would people do that?

~ Robin    : I guess I get it.

~ Barney  : What do you mean?

~ Robin    : Well, no matter how bad things got… Ted really did love Zoey for a minute there, didn’t he?

~ Barney  : Yeah… he did. And… she loved him too, didn’t she?

~ Robin    : Yeah, she did.

~ Robin    : You can’t get back together with Zoey just because you’re freaking out over a lightbulb.

~ Ted      : I’m not freaking out over a lightbulb!

~              I’m freaking out over 50,000 lightbulbs! I can’t do this!

~              I only got this job because you gave it to me, Barney.

~              I didn’t earn it!

~ Robin    : Look, Ted, the future is scary.

~              But you can’t just run back to the past because it’s familiar.

~              Yes, it’s tempting.

~ Barney  : But… it’s a mistake.

~ Ted      : You’re right.

Just like what barney said

I have one rule: New is always better.


One comment on “About Moving On

  1. Asop says:

    New is better? 😀

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