cant or wont?


Sometimes, i had a problem in distinguishing between can’t or won’t. For example, sometimes i think that i can’t find a girlfriend, or maybe something holding me so that i won’t find a girlfriend. I won’t be able to move on, or maybe i just can’t move on. Damn! Which one is it?

“Everything always happen for a reason” – Charmed -. Or some reason. I knew that i won’t be satisfied with only a reason. I’m looking for every reason i can find. That’s why i’m always losing the real reason, the true reason. With that many reason, i can make an excuse whether i won’t do something, or i can’t do something. Thinking about it just make my mind trapped in endless loop. But i need to figure it out, somehow.


One comment on “cant or wont?

  1. Asop says:

    Oh, you will, you’re going to figure it. 🙂

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