stop looking for your soulmate


I stumbled on my friend’s status in facebook:

Wondering if i should find her or if she could find me? what do the ladies think?

(Hopefully they understand what i’m saying because this sucks 😦  )

Then i read the whole comments on that status, and found a good answer:

You can not seek the one you are meant to be with because you will only force something with the wrong person and then when the right does stumble into your life you wont be available for the right one… let things happen as they are meant to, you will meet your ms right, just allow it to happen as its meant to… stop looking!

A nice answer, but sometimes people still asking question:

How do we know if he/she is my mr/ms right?

For me, i like to think it this way:

I’ll keep looking, and if the one that i found turn out to be ms wrong, then i’ll just make it right.


You, yes you, you’re the one that i want.


11 comments on “stop looking for your soulmate

  1. dseptia says:

    ihiiiiy.. maru galaaau..

  2. siwi says:

    how do you know she’s ms right?
    yaaa kalo terus sampe jadi istri 😀

  3. siwi says:

    klo nikah lagi ya berarti yg dinikahi kemaren bkn jodohnya (klo sdh dicerai)
    klo blm dicerai ya berarti jodohnya dapet bonus dobel (dua orang) –>> refer to sinetron :p

    kamu kok kaya mau mendua ngono tho ya? komentarmuu..
    wuakakakaa XD

  4. johan says:

    yg bagian “then i’ll just make it right” kdengaran cool bgt buat awa :p

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