Baka Go Home


Lagu ini diambil dari ending credits anime Baka To Test To Shoukanjuu season 1. Musiknya enak di dengar, tapi yang paling saya suka adalah isi liriknya. Liriknya bercerita tentang seorang yang sangat bodoh, tapi dia bangga dengan kebodohannya. Cocok sekali dengan karakter tokoh utamanya, Yoshi Akihisa. Berikut ini lagu dan liriknya

Baka Go Home Lyrics (English Translation)

B A K A go go home!
B A K A, go go home!

It’s a time of peace now that school’s out
If I were to compare her
“She’s a real angel!”
Then a sudden note ruined my fun
It said I have a makeup test!
It’s hell!

I was joking with my friends,
“There’s no way someone is that stupid!”
But deep down inside,
I was screaming
“That was me! I’m that stupid!”

I thought the “Monthly” sign in the parking lot
was the company’s name!
For the longest time..

Stupidity is a manly character
Is that our lack of common sense?
Rules are useless in this world
Eat Korean BBQ every night and overthrow the masses!

The sun that rose from the west is now setting down.
Run! It’s almost dinner time.
Let’s go home!

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5 comments on “Baka Go Home

  1. romadhonp says:

    wah sesen 3 ne kapan yo?

  2. Asop says:

    Eh gila ini anime kocak banget. Konyol gitu ceritanya. 😆 😆

    Sayang banget, season pertamanya saya gak bisa nonton. Udah unduh semua dulu, tapi saya dengan begonya salah nge-format ulang HDD eksternal saya. >.<" Hilang semua dah anime dan semua file di sana…

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