challenge accepted

Dear maru,

How long has it been since our last conversation?
So, listen to me closely.
See me in the eye,
and don’t cut me before I finish talking.

I’ve been watching you,
what you did in your life.
In fact, it’s not life that you did.
Just messing around, like a kid.

You said you wanna be a dancer, freestyle.
You said you wanna be a drummer, have your own band.
You said you wanna be a father.
You said you wanna build your dream house.
But what you did, ain’t get you a bit closer.

You need to stop playing, seriously.
Start worrying about your future.
You need to wake up,
and make your dream come true.

If i were you,
I’ll stop playing games.
No more PES, Skyrim, NDS, even dominion.
No more surfing 9gag, except what they share on FB.
No more FB, hmm, no can do, just less time on FB.
Do my final project with strong determination.
Study anything in the computer architecture world.
Leave any useless thing that doesn’t help me in achieving my dream.

let me take over.
At least until you graduate.
And we’ll see which one is better.

your best friend,


4 comments on “challenge accepted

  1. adel says:

    breathtaking.. love this so much… :)) hmmm… but never forget to always have some fun… we only live once..hehehhehe

  2. darwinxie says:

    I decided to uninstall my FIFA12 from my laptop in this semester and I won’t play it again until I graduate. I need to learn from you how to see myself. Haha.

  3. romadhonp says:

    O RLY ?

    Epic maru is alwas Epic

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