got friendzoned

And tonight
I want to write about you

You that really kind and tender
Not just on the outside
But you yourself reflect all your kindness inside your heart
Your caring and love
Your patient and respect

I really honor you
as one of my most real kindhearted best friend
I believe that whatever you do
whether it is for family or friend
You will do it as good as you do it for yourself
I believe you will do even better than you do things for your self

As I know you this couple of months
There’s no single thing you do that’s not good or just selfishly thinking about yourself
I don’t know.. i just afraid that you never thought about yourself

Hei you…
Yes you…

I really care about you
After all that you’ve done for me
which i believe that you would surely did to all your friend

I really thank you.. so much for that..

I hope that we can always be friend
Until the death tear us apart. kekeke 🙂


Your friend


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  1. adel says:


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