it’s robin or it’s me

It’s one of How I Met Your Mother episode, season 8 chapter 5 “The Autumn of Break Ups”. For those who have not watch it, be wary of the spoiler.


When Ted propose to Victoria, she asked a condition. Ted can’t be friends with Robin anymore, in other words, it’s Robin or it’s Victoria. It’s a tough choice for Ted, seeing how they’ve been friends for years. Ted knows that Robin would never be in love with him, would never be his wife, and would never be the person he grows old with, but Ted can’t imagine life without Robin. While Victoria could be everything above. It’s suck, but that’s how life is. Ted had to choose.

I almost encounter the same problem. One day, when i was getting close to a girl, she said to me, “If i were your girlfriend, you’re not allowed to play with your female friends anymore.” I just smiled back then. It’s a tough choice for me. I had to choose between many girls or one special girl. Lucky it didn’t come to that, because shortly after that, she became someone else girlfriend.

Before, blinded by how i’m in love, i would’ve choose her over my female friends. But now that i think about it, it’s a shame to broke a friendship over a lover (not that i never done that, but we’ll come to that later). If she can’t accept the fact that i have many female friends, then she’s not meant to be my girlfriend.

For future reference, i want to have a girlfriend that still let me going out with my other female friends, without unnecessary jealousy. Of course, i will let my girlfriend to go out with her male friends. This way, we know what it feels to walk in each other shoes, and able to keep the balance of our relationship.


One comment on “it’s robin or it’s me

  1. adel says:

    hahahahahahaahhahaha 😀 good writing mar

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