The Crossroad

The sun shone with a blistering heat, as if it wanted to burn anything on earth. Not even a cloud dare to oppose it, protecting those below. Yet a boy stood in the middle of a crossroad. In front of him lies many road of which the end could not be seen. As far as could be seen, every road looked the same.

“Eeny, meeny, miny, moe.” His finger pointed at one of the road.

Hesitantly, he began to swing his leg towards the road. But then stopped before he could reach the start of the road.

“Is it okay to pick the road like this? What if what I find at the end of the road is not what I expect to be? Is it better to pick the other road?” Many question racing his mind.

He turned his back, staring at the road from which he came. He was in the same situation a couple years ago. He wondered, what if he had not taken that road, will he ended up in the same place as he was now, how long will it take, is it faster, better, or worse.

He can’t go back. He had to choose one of the road in front of him.


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