Things that i regret most during my college year

There are two things that i regret most during my college year. First, someone that i hurt so much. If i could turn back time, i’d rather not to know her at all, spare us some heartbroken moment. And second is that i almost didn’t learn anything from my class. About 144 credits in 6 years, but i can’t recall my knowledge at all. I forgot everything that i learned a moment after i finish that class. I think this happened because i take credits not to pursue knowledge, but to survive in class. In only studied what need to be studied in order to pass the final exam.

People said that it’s not good to have regret in your life. It indicates that you did not satisfied with your life right now. They might true. But i personally think that having regret is important in life. It reminds you not to repeat the same mistake all over again. To do better in the future.