Seeking a place to live in Jakarta

A couple months ago I wouldn’t dare to live in Jakarta. The traffic jam, hot temperature, and crime rate, are enough reason for not wanting to live there. But I don’t have much other choices. This is the city where most of the opportunities lies. So, bear with it.

My first dilemma is choosing between a place close to my workplace, or somewhere further. By close I mean, I can reach my workplace by walking less than 20 minutes. I figure a place like that will be more expensive. The further option would force me to use public transport to go to work. Using Trans Jakarta, or Commuter Line maybe. This way, I have more alternative place to live. And perhaps the place would be cheaper. The downside is the time consumed to go to work and to go home, it would be a waste of much time.

So, yesterday I visit Jakarta to find a place near my workplace. After hour and hour walking and asking around, there are two place that caught my attention. A cheap small place, with a bed, a cupboard, and an inside bathroom only. Or the expensive one, wider, nice bed, larger cupboard, a chair and a desk, AC, fast ¬†internet, but cost twice of the cheap one. And this is the second dilemma. My friend give me a good advice, “You will have to choose whether you want a cheap place and be able to buy expensive food, or more expensive (of course more comfortable) place but eat rice and water only.”

I have not decided yet. I need to know the situation of my work. Do i need to continue my work after i get home (more comfortable place would be preferable) or just sleep (a cheap place would be enough). So, i think I’m going to live with my relative for a while. Observe the situation, then make a better decision.