Eminem – The Marshall Mathers LP 2

The Marshall Mathers LP 2


EMINEM is back!!!!!

Three years after Recovery (2010), Eminem is back with his new album, The Marshall Mathers LP 2 (2013). The number ‘2’ means that this album is the sequel of his previous album The Marshall Mathers LP (2000). You can tell that it is a sequel after hearing the first song in the album, Bad Guy.

Bad Guy is the sequel of the song Stan from the previous album. Stan is a song about a fan who obsessed with Eminem. Stan is mad because Eminem never replied his letters, and felt ignored, later he kill himself and his pregnant wife by driving over a bridge. The first three verse delivered by Eminem who act as Stan, and the last verse delivered by Eminem which decided to write back to Stan but it was too late. In the sequel, Bad Guy, the first three verse delivered by Eminem who act as Mathhew Mitchell, and the last verse by Eminem. The story of the song take place years after the death of Stan. Matthew Mitchell, the little brother of Stan is older now, and wants revenge againts Eminem. Matthew think that Eminem took advantages from the death of his brother, made it into song, and gain fame from it, in other hand, Matthew suffer from it.

The first single from the album is Berzerk. The way Eminem sing in this song remind me of his rap style from his earlier albums. The next single is Survival which is used to promote Call of Duty: Ghosts. A week after that Eminem release his third single, Rap God. In this song Eminem call himself as Rap God, displaying his rap skill especially in the verse where he raps 97 words in 15 seconds (6.5 word/sec), calling it supersonic speed. ¬†The fourth single is The Monster, featuring Rihanna. Eminem’s rap combined with Rihanna’s ballad makes a great song.¬†Aside from The Monster, this album contains many “rap ballad” song e.g. Asshole (ft. Skylar Grey), Headlights (ft. Nate Ruess), and many others.

When I finally got this album, I listen to the song starting from the first to the end. Aside from the single which I have listened before, Stronger Than I Was is the first song that comes to my liking. The song uses the same format as Hailie’s Song, where Eminem sang slowly. Maybe I like this song because I can keep up with the tempo. Another thing to be noticed is the comeback of the “skit”, something that is missing from the Recovery album. The “skit” makes me feel closer to the albums story.