Welcome Back Internet

It’s been almost 4 months I lived in Jakarta. To save expenses, i decided to not subscribe to any internet provider, except for my mobile phone (I choose the cheapest package for that :)). The problem is, I have very limited access of Internet in my office. At first it was okay, but then I realize the need of internet access. To have access to the latest news, tv series/movie, and more importantly to expand my skill in programming.

A few weeks ago, someone in my office brought a 4G modem. I was shocked, because as far as i know, there’s no provider in Indonesia that provide 4G service. The latest news that I know is that Telkomsel still testing their LTE (news: 4G LTE Telkomsel Siap Layani KTT APEC 2013) . It turns out PT Internux takes the first action, launching their Bolt 4G (news: Indonesia finally gets a taste of 4G). They claimed that the device can hit up to 72 Mbps. Right now their coverage are in Jabodetabek only. I hope Bolt will hit Bandung soon.

I was about to buy it a week ago, but seeing how long the queue I decided to postpone it. And yesterday I come to Plaza Semanggi so early and I get the 4th queue (Yey!!). First thing to do is to go to speedtest, the result 8.15 Mbps. I don’t know the speed of the other 3G provider, so I can’t tell if it’s good or bad.

Bolt speedtest

After surfing internet a while, I activate my pending torrent, around 400 MB remaining (only activate 1 queue while the other put in pause to save my internet quota), then I go out for dinner. When I got back I’m surprised that the download is already over (I think I only go out for 30 minutes). Okay, this is a great result and I’m satisfied.


7 comments on “Welcome Back Internet

  1. Ira says:

    aaaa ini kapan sih Bolt masuk Bandung? Udah denger beritanya dan pada seneng ama kecepatan unduhnya. *nasib orang yg masih pake spe*dy

  2. Yoi donlot2 makin mantep nih keknya, sayang cuma 8 GB ya sebulan.. Btw awalnya jg gw gitu bertahan tanpa internet di kamar, tapi akhirnya menyerah dan baru mau masang sekarang. Hahaha..

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