littering accident

After saying goodbye to my friend I headed home. I went to the nearest TransJakarta bus station. While I was walking in the bridge, I could see a bus approaching the station. I rush my way to the ticket window. The bus already stopped when i was buying my ticket. By the time I reached the door, the bus already moved away. Damn.

Standing in front of me another unlucky guy. I looked closely to this guy. He was drinking a bottle of water. Then after he finished drinking, he threw away the bottle to the road. “What the!” I said to myself. I jumped to the road. It wasn’t that high, but enough to draw attention from people around. I picked the bottle, and climbed my way to the door again.

“You shouldn’t litter, there’s a trash bag behind you.”

I handed over the bottle to him.

“What do you care!!”

He shouted back at me.

“No wonder Jakarta always flooded every rainy season.”

His right hand grabbed my shirt, while the other getting ready to punch my face. Before he could launch his punch, another guy grabbed his arm. He looked to the guy that stopped him and around, realizing that everyone in this station stared at him. Ashamed by his action, he walk out, left the bus station. I could saw that he throw his punch to the station’s pillar. CIITTT!!! The sound of bus brake woke me from my day dream. I jumped inside to the bus.


ps: Inspired by The Secret Life of Walter Mitty


5 comments on “littering accident

  1. ariobw says:

    What the… Kirain beneran… OTL

  2. Ira says:

    😆 aku udah bengong aja Mar kalau itu beneran

  3. wakakakakakkk…..aduuuhh sayaang ga beneran mar

  4. toroxck says:

    hahaha kambing awa kira beneran

  5. haa……….. kirain beneran kejadianya.

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