coming late to the office

After 7 months of working, today was my first time coming late to the office. I got stuck in the traffic jam, on my way from Bandung to Jakarta. I take 4 AM bus (it was the earliest departure i could find). Usually I arrived in my place around 7.45 AM, giving me time to take a bath first before going to the office. But today, due to the accident around Bekasi, I got stuck in heavy traffic. Finally I arrived in my place a little before 9 AM. The accepted time for clock in in my office is 7-9 AM, which mean I’m already late for work.

Knowing that I will be late, I take sometime to get breakfast, tidy up my room, and then take a bath. Finally I went to the office at 10.30 AM. Luckily in my workplace we can take leave 0.25 days (2 hours work), in case someone got late, or need to run some errand first. With that, I’m allowed to come to the office at 11 AM and go home at 6 PM.

Going to Jakarta at Monday morning is risky. I already know that before, so the first time I’m doing it I already bring working clothes in my bag. I can go to office immediately without making a stop in my place. But after 3 times doing it and arrived before 8 AM I become careless, not making preparation for the worst scenario.


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