Lily Allen – Sheezus

Lily Allen - Sheezus (Cover Album)

Lily Allen – Sheezus (Cover Album)

I thought she was retiring, focusing on her marriage life. So sad when I hear the news. I like her voice characteristic, and the way she sang her song, like in the LDN, Smile, and The Fear.

About 2 weeks ago she released her third album, Sheezus. From her twitter account I knew that she’s working on her next album, I just didn’t expect it to come this soon. More over, she already released some single prior to the album release. It’s a shame for me to not know about it.

After getting the album and without knowing which song is the single I played the track all day. Unfortunately, I get the clean version. Lily Allen use so many words that get censored. It’s very annoying to hear it.After hearing several time I choose Hard Out ThereSheezus, and URL Badman as my favorites. Apparently, the first two is her single.

A couple days ago, Lily Allen announced the Deluxe version. This time I make sure that I get the unclean version of it. She add 4 new song in her Deluxe Album. And after hearing it, I add Wind Your Neck In as my favorite.

I want to include Hard Out There music video, but it contain too many inappropriate content for underage. So instead I’ll post the Sheezus music video.

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