Intellectually Challenging Job

After graduating from my college, there’s two big route lies in front of me. Continue study by taking master degree, or find a job. Considering my age, which is 25 years old, and no (real) work experience, I decided to find a job. This lead to another confusing question. What kind of job should I get?

Graduated as electrical engineer i was faced with many option where i can work. At first, tempted by the pay grade, I wanted to work in oil service company. My interview didn’t go well. I couldn’t answer some basic physics questions. This failure ruin a little of my confidence. If I want to keep pursuing oil service company, then I need to learn physics again. It will be hard, because I don’t really like physics (usually after saying this people will ask me why i choose to study electrical engineering).

It occurred to me to work outside of engineering area. But after I had a talk with my friend, I immediately scrap this idea. I asked him if he is interested to work outside of IT. He said no, he want a job that make him feel intellectually challenged. ¬†Of course working outside of engineering/IT area would mean that we have to learn something new again. But it would be more challenging to increase our level in the area that we’re best at.

Another advice from my other friend is “In terms of finding a job, think about 2 or 3 years from now. Do not think about salary first, but think about what you have learned, can you make a difference, or something great, with what you’ve learned”. To summarize, find a job that satisfy your needs of knowledge.