Twenty One Pilots – Vessel


Twenty One Pilots – Vessel (cover album)

Lately I’ve been listening to this band, Twenty One Pilots. The first time I saw their performance is at MTV Movie Awards 2014, performing their single “Car Radio”. I instantly fell in love with the song. The main reason is because Tyler Joseph (the vocalist) is rapping the lyrics.

Then I searched in youtube Twenty One Pilots other single. I listened to “House of Gold” and I like it too. This band suit my music taste. I decided to get the entire album, Vessel. As usual, I listen from the first track o the last. The album start with song that have strong beat, like “Ode to Sleep”, “Holding on to You”, and “Car Radio”, and then the later have slow beat, like “Trees” and “Truce”. The song is like a poetry, because it rhyme. According to wiki, Tyler write the poetry, and when the poetry is too long, he start rapping to fit the lyrics in.

There’s no good copy for Twenty One Pilots performance in MTV Movie Awards 2014 in youtube, so instead i’ll present you the Official Music Video (in case you’re interested too).

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